Tipe raises seed round to build a customizable CMS for developers

Tipe raises seed round to build a customizable CMS for developers

Today we're excited to announce that tipe has raised $2.1m in seed funding led by CRV and joined by investors YC, M Ventures, and Precursor Ventures. This investment will help tipe deliver an excellent experience for developers and teams who need a better workflow for managing content. Since graduating from YC's Winter 18 batch, we've been building prototypes, talking with users, and learning from the community. We're finally ready to show everyone what we've learned.

Teams are shifting away from legacy site builders to more sophisticated builds with frameworks like Next.js and Gatsby. Cloud computing, crawlers, and JavaScript have all approved and come together to enable this shift. Jamstack offers so many benefits for low effort but also introduces more decision making. Teams must now decide on a content workflow, and developers are on the hook to figure it out.

We want to make this decision easy for developers.

Make it your own, together

They always say, "...never build a CMS". We know every team has different needs and use cases when it comes to content workflows. Customization and extendability are at the core of tipe's design. That's why tipe is open-source and has a simple plugin features that make it easy for you to create your own CMS.

We invest in the open-source community and all the efforts to create and maintain the fantastic projects leading the Jamstack wave. We encourage developers to use plugins and extensions for tipe created by the community. One of our goals is to make sure we're not another app devs have to maintain, so we'll be working with developers to make sure working with tipe stays lean and fast.

We can't do this alone, so today we're launching the tipe community slack🎉. You can interact with the tipe team more closely, see what the community is cooking up, or even get help for anything that comes up.

Roadmap to the best experience

Developer and user experience are our main focuses here at tipe. As we grow, we want to move towards a minimal and straightforward product to use but powerful when combined with plugins and extensions. To achieve this goal, we plan on maintaining transparency about the direction of tipe and what's coming next. We'll also be leaning on our users and the community to help us build something that they would love.

To start, we have support for Jamstack frameworks like Next.js and Gatsby, a CLI to get started without ever visiting our web app, and SDKs to query content. As the community grows and improves tooling, we'll support all that comes from it. Open-source is are core, well before tipe, and will remain that way as we grow.

Perfect timing

The web is transitioning into another era with all the moving pieces seeing significant enhancements. Now is the time to build a fast experience for your users. You can't do that if your team is slow, because of content changes or any reason.

We look forward to helping teams stay fast as they deliver amazing journeys for their users. Also, we're hiring! If anything you read here resonates with you, we'd love to hear from you.