Tipe - Private Release

Powerful CMS for Next.js Apps

Tipe is a customizable, open-source headless CMS for structured content. Edit, preview, and publish anything on your app.

A simple and powerful experience out of the box.

Everything you need, customize and extend when you need more.

Integrated with your app

Mount tipe at any path on your site with our framework integrations.

Other framework support

Support for Gatsby, React, Gridsome, Vue, and Angular coming soon 👀

Your schema is code

Model your content with code, like a database schema.

Make it yours

Extend tipe with presets, plugins, and components.

Fast by default

Our global CDN ensures your content and images always get there fast.

Bring your images

Upload images, then crop, resize, and style them on the fly.

The community approves.

Optimized for a great developer experience.

Tipe has created an incredibly seamless experience for content management. My mind is blown.
Kent C. Dodds
Tipe is the CMS platform I've been waiting for because it let's me focus on creating content.
Brandon Roberts

Empower your team to edit your website.

They'll love you.